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July 7, 2022

During this session Taylor said “my husband and i always look at your instagram and wonder how your family photos with small children look so effortless” and i couldn’t do anything but laugh. If you’re a photographer that has experience working with small children, then you know why this is so funny. The truth is, KIDS ARE KIDS! And will always be kids. So yeah, they might wanna run around during the session. They might not sit still. They might need a snack break. They might need to cry for a minute. Thats okay.. and it’s expected. And i am prepared for it all. My favorite place to do family sessions is in home. There is something that feels very real and authentic about it. Its also the place that your small children probably feel most comfortable, making the session a little bit easier.

So i say that all to say.. don’t stress about how your kids will behave during our session. I let the kids lead the way and we kind of work around them. We do a lot of prompts that feel normal and natural, so sometimes your kids don’t even realize they’re having their picture taken. And even if your kids scream the whole time or don’t want to cooperate, i promise we will still manage to get photos that you will love.

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